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Absentee Ballot Fraud in 6 Florida Counties. 

The forged signature of a dead man and dozens of other illegal votes in Miami, a Republican activist illegally filling out absentee ballots for voters, and other reports have established absentee ballot fraud in six Florida Counties.  It appears less than coincidental that the central figure in the most notorious case of election fraud in recent U.S. history admitted helping the GOP prepare absentee ballot requests in Miami (see details below). 

In Miami-Dade, the forged signature of a dead man and dozens of other illegal votes1 last November raise striking parallels to the notorious Miami election fraud scandal of 1998 in which newly elected Mayor Xavier Suarez was ousted from office.2  It was perhaps less than coincidental that Suarez, elected to the the Executive Committee of the Miami Dade GOP, admitted handling absentee ballots this past election.3  

In Hillsborough County, Republican activist Isis Segarra, who had a prior vote fraud conviction overturned on appeal, allegedly filled out absentee ballots for three non-disabled voters, a felony, turned up as a witness on at least 81 absentee ballots, and registered and requested absentee ballots for dozens of voters.4 In Okaloosa County, the Republican elections supervisor sent out absentee ballots unsolicited in response to change-of-address notifications, a practice that was bizarre and illegal, contributing to an 81%, 8,600 margin in absentee ballots for Bush in that County.5   

In Seminole County, GOP actions a court ruled illegal, perjured testimony, and unsupervised access to election office files and computers were among several suspicious activities that were only partially exposed in court.6  In Martin County, ex-CIA agent Charles Kane7 participated in scheme to  remove GOP absentee ballot requests and fill in voter identification numbers8 which a Florida court again ruled illegal.9  In Bay County, which has more registered Democrats than Republicans, a suitcase full of absentee ballots was illegally turned in, contributing to a 9,000-to-3,000 margin in absentee ballots for Bush.10  

These cases and other similar reports add up to systematic absentee ballot fraud Florida that racked up thousands of votes for presidential candidate George Bush.  They recall the the notorious absentee fraud scandal which led to the ouster of newly-elected Mayor Xavier Suarez in 1998.11  Suarez had won the mayoral contest with the help of a 2-1 margin in absentee ballots that were plagued with fraud12—the same absentee vote margin that Bush won in both Seminole13 and Martin14 counties (he won 56% of the total votes in each of those counties15). 

Suarez, who was elected last September to the Executive Committee of the Miami-Dade Republican Party,16 admitted handling absentee ballot requests this past election.17 Far from surprising, therefore, are revelations from the Miami Herald of more than 100 illegal votes, including one obtained with the forged signature of a dead man, disclosed after examination of votes from just 138 of 641 precincts in Miami-Dade County.18 The Miami Herald also found that in the two Miami precincts with the highest discard rate for the presidential vote (13%, more than double their discard rates in the 1996 election), 13 of 20 voting machines did not pass a polling test conducted minutes before the polls opened, yet were not taken out of service as required.19  

When the GOP sent in well-organized mob, including GOP paid Congressional staffers,20 which trampled, punched and kicked people in the building where Miami-Dade vote counts were proceeding,21 the stakes were quite high.  For the recount that this mob action successfully stopped (rumors suggest that intimidation from organized crime was also involved) would not only have won the election for Gore, but could also have led to earlier indications of rampant election fraud.  

Another angle to the work of Suarez and others in Florida is suggested by the experience of Adora Nweze, a Florida NAACP board member.  When Nweze went to vote in Miami, she was told she had already requested an absentee ballot, and finally persevered in voting only after a long and heated argument in which she recited the law.22  In Pinellas County, a Democratic voter was turned away from the voting booth, falsely told she had already cast an absentee ballot.23  Several Tampa Bay voters were likewise prevented from voting based upon the false information that they had already voted by absentee ballot.24  And in England, at least five residents of an Air Force base each received two absentee ballots from counties in Florida.25 

In summary, considering the involvement of Xavier Suarez, the central figure in a notorious election fraud case, in preparing absentee ballot requests for the GOP, together with evidence or indications of absentee ballot fraud in Seminole, Martin, Bay, Okaloosa, Miami-Dade, Hillsborough, and other Florida counties, what emerges is an election stolen in plain sight.  Such suspicions were raised on election night by the widely disparate exit polling and ballot count results, given the background of Florida Governor Jeb Bush: Jeb defaulted on an irregular S&L loan and was linked to a mammoth case of Medicare fraud.26 Continued media exposure of these Florida manifestations of the Bush family's tainted past can deter more such events in years to come. 

From http://www.campaignwatch.org (with hyperlinks to details and references). 
 Absentee Ballot Fraud 

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“Stealing Florida” twice.  Conservative Republican commentator Kevin Phillips noted the following uncanny parallels between recent events and the 1874 presidential election contest between Republican Rutherford Hayes and Democrat Samuel Tilden.1 Democrat Tilden won the popular vote by 250,000.  Historians also agree that Tilden won the actual vote in Florida.  But Hayes was awarded the electoral votes of Florida, giving him the presidency by an electoral college margin of one vote.  The decision was made by an 8-to-7 party line vote of a commission that included five Supreme Court justices; the commission refused to examine the actual Florida votes and to consider irregularities in the Florida voting.

Phillips concluded, “The Supreme Court can enjoin local officials, but it cannot enjoin election researchers or the press from searching out the truth. Stealing Florida once left only a small ripple in the history books. Stealing it twice could leave a deep and damning stain on the Republican Party.”

Media recounts put Gore ahead in Florida.  The Orlando Sentinel found 376 clear votes for Gore and 246 clear votes for Bush in a tally of uncounted votes in Republican Lake County, Florida; this yielded a 130 gain for Gore in votes cast in Florida.2 An unofficial analysis by the Palm Beach Post of 871 of nearly 6,800 disputed ballots in Broward County that have been examined by media representatives to date yielded 203 potential new votes for Gore v. 39 for Bush, yielding a total gain of 164 more votes for Gore.3  A recount of Hillsborough County undervotes by the Tampa Tribune yielded 120 additional votes for Gore.4 Since Bush had won Florida by only 154 votes,5 Gore so far leads Bush by 260 votes after a media recount of just a small percentage of Florida's uncounted or disputed ballots.  Republican Congressman Mark Foley intervened, so far unsuccessfully, to try to stop the media recount.6 

The “Supreme Fix.”  Daniel Schorr characterized the Supreme Court's 5-to-4 decision to overturn the Florida Supreme Court's ruling to count the Florida undervote as a “judicial coup.”7 Schorr quoted the opinion of the four dissenting judges that the ruling to halt the recount “will inevitably cast a cloud on the legitimacy of the election.”8 

Although the Supreme Court violated all its precedents in applying the equal protection clause of the Constitution to this case,9 it certainly displayed a refreshing degree of candor and sense of humor in awarding the presidency to Bush.  

First, in stopping the recount on Saturday, December 9, hours after it started, Justice Antoine Scalia stated: “The counting of votes that are of questionable legality does in my view threaten irreparable harm to petitioner [Bush], and to the country, by casting a cloud upon what he claims to be the legitimacy of his election.”10 No legal obfuscation here—Scalia simply admitted that counting the Florida votes would likely win the election for Gore, and this had to be stopped.  Indeed, a study of the undervote by a Pulitzer prize-winning analyst for the Miami Herald found that Gore would have won Florida by 23,000 votes but not for differences in vote-counting equipment that yielded a much larger undervote in poorer, Democratic precincts.11 (This 23,000 figure, incidentally, is just about the proportionate slice of Gore's U.S. popular vote margin of 540,000 based upon Florida's population.)

Displaying a touch of humor, the Court stopped the recount on December 9th, and then ruled on December 12th that the recount was not practical to complete by the December 12th deadline.  In fact, however, 21 of 50 states didn't even bother to turn in their electoral slates by December 12th,12 meeting instead the real deadline of December 18th.

Finally, the majority on the Supreme Court focused on the lack of a strict uniform standard in the manual recount ordered by the Supreme Court, violating all its past precedents,13 but failed to consider, as the dissenting four pointed out, that  major differences in voting machinery, which yielded a much higher undervote in counties using punch-card v. optical scanning systems, would have been equalized by a manual recount.14 

Bush's Coup: The Fall of Democracy in America15  


Please note that these editorial articles do not necessarily reflect the position of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are the personal opinions of the author and he is alone responsible for them.

by W. John Walsh, posted on www.mormons.org

The purpose of this article is discuss my views on the recently contested American Presidential election.  To be concise and clear, I believe the Unites States of America, the undisputed leader of the free world, is in serious danger of losing its democracy.  To me, it seems clear that a group of evil, conspiring men has taken over the Republican party and is likely to soon seize control of the country.  While the tone of this article may seem overly dramatic to some, let's call the current events what they really are:   a coup.

Before I start discussing specifics, I would like to make a couple of disclaimers.  My problem with what is happening in the American Presidential election is not really about who will become President.  When it comes to policy, I am far closer to George W. Bush than I am to Al Gore. For example, Gore supports abortion rights, while Bush opposes them.  I oppose abortion in all cases, with no exceptions. . . .

I am concerned with the process, not the platforms or positions.  I am a great believer in democracy and the right of the citizens of a country to choose their own leaders.  What the leader will do is far less important than whether the leader has been legitimately chosen by the people.  Even though I may agree with Bush on some positions, I cannot accept him as the leader of this nation unless he actually received the most votes.   After examining the evidence and studying the issues,  I have no doubt that Gore won the electoral college as well as the popular vote. 

To put it simply:  it all comes down to Florida.  Did more people vote for Gore in Florida or did more people vote for Bush?   I don't mean did more people intend to vote for Gore.   I mean out of the people who actually showed up on election day and voted, who got the most votes?  This is how we judge the winner of elections in America.  At least, this is how we are supposed to declare winners. 

I think it is indisputable that Al Gore had more actual votes cast for him in Florida.  The only issue is whether "voting irregularities" have voided (at least for the moment) those votes and therefore deprived American citizens of their right to elect leaders of their own choice.  It's important to note that at no time has anyone from the Republican side actually claimed that any substantial portion of the disputed ballots were cast for Bush.  Their position is relatively simple:  they know the votes were cast for Gore (at least the vast majority of them), they just want to find some way to legally exclude them from the totals.  That someone would take this position is absolutely amazing to me. 

That American citizens did not have their votes properly recorded and were therefore deprived of their constitutional right is not the only thing that bothers me.   In addition to trying to disqualify the votes of American citizens who voted for other candidates, Bush actively tried to intimidate people from voting.  His supporters called people and gave them false information about what was required to vote to discourage them from going to the polls.  That these calls were made is indisputable.  Can we prove that Bush was responsible for them?   Perhaps we may never tie him personally to these actions from a legal point of view, but he can be directly tied from a moral perspective. 

I believe sins of omission bring one into the collective guilt of those performing evil acts.  For example, after World War II, there were many German citizens who claimed they had no knowledge of the death camps or what happened there.   Others claimed they knew what happened, but they could not stop it or do anything about it, so they just continued on with their lives.  In my view, God morally obligates us to speak out against evil.  By not speaking out, those citizens took upon themselves the collective guilt.  Likewise, people trying to get Bush elected performed some evil acts.  Now that Bush has been made aware of what happened, he has the obligation to speak out against it and offer recompense as far as it is within his power to do so.  In my view, his failure to even publicly condemn the acts makes him as guilty as those who performed them.  

CNN reports, "James Baker, the balloting observer for Bush, said earlier today that Bush will 'vigorously oppose' the Democratic challenger's recounting efforts."  Why is that?  Doesn't George Bush want to make sure that every vote is properly counted?  After all, we have already seen some problems.  The original count in New Mexico gave the state to Gore, but a recount may give it to Bush.  Florida, the state which will decide the election, started with almost 1800 votes separating the candidates.  After the recount, we are presently down to 327 (though this number may still change).  Bush realizes that if all votes which were actually cast for Gore are counted, he will lose. 

ABCNews.com reported on 11/24/00 that Republican party operatives organized protests against counting the ballots in Dade and Broward County, but represented them as spontaneous protests from local citizens. These protests were influential in stopping the Dade County manual recounts. The protestors were most influential as they crashed through the doors and loudly demanded the recounts be ended.   This behavior is not a normal and acceptable part of the democractic process.   They are protesting the counting of votes!  That is a necessary element of democracy.  How shall we have the people rule if we do not count the votes indicating the people's will?  If we allow some people to prevent others from voting or having their vote be counted our form of government becomes an oligarchy, or more accurately, mobocracy.  Mr. Bush has not decried this attack on the basic elements of democracy.   He and his campaign had no comment for ABC.

As I watch Bush and his co-conspirators, I am truly sickened by what I see.  Bush has tried to declare votes illegal which almost certainly have gone to his opponent.  He has accepted the actions of his supporters who made phone calls to discourage potential Gore supporters from voting.  He is not concerned with what the voters have said, but only what he thinks they should have said.  We can tell this because he has inhibited the counting process and democracy by having his lawyers issue subpoenas to the canvassing board and by threatening the counters that they would be named in his lawsuits.  He has no public criticism for the Republican party operatives who successfully intimidated Dade County from finishing the manual recount.  All of these actions are appalling and flagrant abuses against democracy. 

It's no secret that Latter-day Saints, including myself, almost exclusively vote Republican.  If you are a member of the Church, I would encourage you to rethink very carefully about how you vote in the future.  God will hold you accountable for the choices you make.  It is common for Latter-day Saints to believe that if we share the same view on abortion or some other issue with someone, then that is what is most important.  This is false.  When it comes to government, the most important issue is freedom. . . .

As I have listened to the rhetoric coming out from the Republican side, I have heard one theme over and over again.  George Bush needs to become President because he is the right man and Al Gore is the wrong man.  In my view, the right man to become President is the one who received the most votes, regardless of whether I share his philosophy or not.  Don't be fooled into thinking that because you share some common views with someone it is acceptable to overthrow democracy and install a despot in its place.  The conservative Christians who control the Republican party would enforce your views on abortion, pornography, and a host of other ills on society, but they would also burn every Book of Mormon and deprive every Latter-day Saint of their rights if they could as well.  While this is indeed strong language, one simply has to type in the word Mormons in any search engine and see all the hate and filth that comes up.  You would install their despot because he would appoint Supreme Court Justices opposed to abortion, but what will you do when he also decides to destroy our temples?  I am reminded of a poem by the Reverend Martin Niemöller, a pastor in the German Confessing Church who spent seven years in a concentration camp.

In Germany they first came for the Communists
  and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.
Then they came for the Jews,
  and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.
Then they came for the trade unionists
  and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Catholics
  and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant.
Then they came for me
  and by that time no one was left to speak up

While I have voted Republican almost exclusively during my lifetime, from this time forward, I will not support a group so transparently disposed to follow Satan.

Inauguration day events.  My impression from along the parade route January 20 was of Bush as a cowering public enemy led under guard by police thru a jeering citizenry.  The seats restricted to ticket-holding Bush supporters were half empty, while the open seats were filled with protesters holding signs condemning the usurpation of the democratic process.  The dismal, cold, rainy day, with hail accompanied by chants of "hail to the thief," summed up the mood of the crowd toward the first un-elected president of this century.  Unlike all other recent presidents in good or inclement weather, Bush stayed inside his car, speeding quickly by the largest group of protesters in Freedom Square.  He then entered the back door rather than the front door of the White House, greeted by thousands more protesters.  Bush walked only one block of the parade route.

As press reports indicated (Washington Post,16 MSNBC,17 Reuters18), several thousand protesters from across the country were prominent along the inaugural route, mostly mainstream Americans outraged by election irregularities, while Bush supporters were sparse and dejected.  The most pro-Bush spin on his public reception was provided by the New York Times: "Reporters could not decide whether the boos in the crowd outweighed the cheers, and they struggled to sort out who the protesters were (people upset about the election and opposed to Mr. Bush's policies on everything from the environment to trade, they finally decided)."19 

"A character assassin should not be Attorney General." -Stuart Taylor, Jr., National Journal,20 reiterated by Anthony Lewis, New York Times.21 According to New York Times news articles and commentaries and CNN, John Ashcroft, as a U.S. Senator, offered slanders and lies about three minority candidates for Senate confirmation: Ronnie White,22 James Hormel,23 and David Satcher.24  After Ashcroft dodged hundreds of questions from U.S. Senators, Patrick Leahy of Vermont, the top Democratic senator on the Judiciary Committee, stated: "The answers are surprisingly unresponsive and often inconsistent with the hearing record and with Senator Ashcroft's own record."25 Stuart Taylor, Jr. summarized in the National Journal: "Ashcroft abused the power of his office by descending to demagoguery, dishonesty, and character assassination."26 See http://www.ashcroftlied.com for a detailed summary of Aschroft's numerous lies and slanders.

Bush's top three policy priorities.  It took the U.S. eight years under Clinton-Gore to finally start paying down the trillions of dollars in deficits incurred under Reagan Bush.  Now Bush plans to lead the U.S. back into massive debt again through a $1.6 billion tax cut to the richest Americans.  As a business failure repeatedly bailed out by family friends and Arlington, Texas taxpayers, this may be natural to Bush, but disastrous to the U.S. economy.

It is now the consensus policy among scientists worldwide that the earth's temperature will increase 2.5 to 10 degrees Farenheit over the next hundred years without a significant reduction in fossil fuel consumption; this would destroy much of human civilization and many animal species.  Yet Bush's policy is to reject the Kyoto accord and push ahead with increased fossil fuel consumption.  Why threaten oil company profits when the most dire consequences won't occur until after he's out of office?

The U.S. pledged its national word and honor when it signed the ABM treaty with the Soviet Union.  Bush now advocates breaking this treaty and proceeding with a new "Star Wars" missile defense system, that would provide a big boost to lagging defense contractor profits.

In short, Bush plans to sacrifice the U.S. economy, the earth's future, and the U.S. national honor for the profits of his rich friends.  This is consistent Bush's with modus operandi: cheat, lie, and steal--but with every heinous deed, talk about being honorable and religious, and have your thug friends slip a few more prostitutes to the top media editors and reporters.  Keep up the pretense of honor while plundering the nation and threatening the world--it's the appearance, not the actual deed, that matters. 

Volunteer.  If someone is willing to carry on coverage of corruption at the highest levels along the lines and standards of accuracy of this web site (with technical support provided by us), please contact us. 

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A Florida court found that illegal actions were performed in the elections office in Seminole County1 (see background below), but the full extent of contradictory testimony and suspicious activity was not brought out in oral arguments in the trial.  GOP operative Michael Leach and accomplices, either Carlos Melendez and Waldo Serrano or Rhyan Metzler or unknown individuals, as identified in contradictory testimony,2 had unsupervised access to elections records and computers for 15 days while they were supposedly filling in missing voter ID numbers from GOP absentee request forms.3  Compounding suspicion were lies by Goard about the identify of Leach's accomplices and of the person who first contacted her and about the length of time Leach performed this activity.4 

But it gets worse.  An elections clerk testified that many or most of the numbers that Leach and accomplices filled in on GOP request forms were wrong.5  But Goard instructed her staff to approve all of the Leach-altered forms without even checking voter ID numbers.6  In contrast, voter ID numbers on all other absentee ballot requests were checked and typically rejected if they were incorrect.7 This demonstrates deliberate misconduct and preferential treatment for GOP voters, but also raises the question as to what Leach and accomplices were doing for 15 days; it would take much less time to fill in a bunch of wrong numbers on the 2,126 altered GOP absentee ballot requests8 that Goard produced for the court.  Either initial news reports of 4,700 such doctored ballots9 were more accurate, or GOP operative Leach and others were doing more than adding voter IDs while unsupervised in Seminole County elections offices.

Contradictory testimony about Leach's accomplices. The New York Times initially reported that James Stelling, vice chairman of the Florida GOP, had named Ryan Mitchell as the coconspirator with Michael Leach in the alternation of GOP absentee ballot requests in Seminole elections offices.10 In Leach's November 30 deposition, however, Leach stated that this "Ryan Mitchell" was actually Rhyan Metzler, Central Florida finance field director for the GOP in Florida, but that while Metzler was present with him during the county's recount after the election, he did not help him fill in voter IDs in the elections offices.11 Leach testified that it was GOP Central Florida field directors Carlos Melendez and "Waldy" (Walde Serrano) who dropped in for brief periods and helped him fill in voter ID numbers.12  Leach testified  that elections supervisor Goard had knew his accomplices, conversed with them and addressed them by name.13  But Goard testified she didn't know who Leach's accomplices were.14 Goard also testified she didn't know the identify of the GOP official who first called her about missing voter ID numbers, but James Stelling testified that Goard had identified this caller to him as Todd Schnick prior to Goard's sworn statement that she didn't know who called her.15 Goard lied a third time when she initially stated that Leach filled in voter IDs in elections offices for just a few days, when in fact he was there full-time for at least 15 days.16  
 More on the Seminole case

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Background on the Seminole case (see update).  Sandra Goard, the Republican elections supervisor in Seminole County, had a problem.  Voters were sending her office absentee ballot requests in response to a mass GOP mailing that omitted the required voter identification number.1  But Florida law requires the voter, family member or guardian to fill in the voter ID number.2  

The solution Goard found to this problem escalated into a massive scam that illegally and selectively qualified 2,000 GOP votes while disqualifying hundreds of Democratic votes.3  Goard made arrangements allowing  GOP operative Michael Leach and others to camp out in an elections office for 15 days beginning in mid-October and fill in the missing GOP voter ID numbers.4  Goard had her staff select out the GOP from the Democratic and independent requests; te GOP forms were filled in while the rest went into her discard pile.5   

And when it turned Leach fumbled the fix—many or most of the voter ID numbers he entered were incorrect6—Goard instructed her staff to accept all of his forms without checking the numbers, contrary to office practice of checking the voter ID number for every other absentee ballot request and rejecting those with bad numbers (see details).7  

Leach and Mitchell worked unsupervised with access to election office records and a computer linked to the elections database.8  Goard did not check what they brought in or out of the office.9  The result was that 2,132 absentee ballot requests were illegally altered that yielded 1,936 actual votes, 95% for Bush.10 

At least 550 Democratic absentee ballot requests, however, were never processed11—Goard did not have “48 hours in a day” to attend to those.12  She had indeed earlier told Democrats13 and the public in a radio interview14 that she would accept no absentee ballot requests without the voter ID, emphasizing that Florida law required it.15  When the Seminole Democratic Party Chairman, Bob Poe, found out about the GOP fill-in activity at the end of October, she refused to stop it.16  

Florida law mandates that all absentee ballots in a county be disqualified if any are tainted.17  In a similar 1998 case, a state appeals court threw out all 5,000 absentee ballots after 400 were found fraudulent and overturned the election of Miami Mayor Xavier Suarez.18  Suarez had won the Miami absentee vote by a lopsided 2-to-1 margin,19 as did Bush in Seminole (10,006 to 5,209; Bush won 56% of the total Seminole County vote).20 A 1994 federal appeals court ruling in Roe v. Alabama, involving partially completed absentee ballots, overturned the election of the chief justice of the Alabama supreme court.21    

In an ominous footnote to the case, Suarez, now on the GOP Executive Committee in Miami-Dade,22 made the startling admission that he “helped fill out absentee ballot forms” in this past November 7 election.23   

See http://www.campaignwatch.org/semdtl.htm for details and documentation. 

David E. Scheim, PhD, is the author of the 1989 New York Times bestseller, Contract on America.  He is a retired commissioned officer in the U.S. Public Health Service

This list was compiled by
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close some of our American ruling families are to the Nazi
regime. . . Certain American industrialists had a great deal to
do with bringing fascist regimes into being in both Germany
and Italy. They extended aid to help Fascism occupy the seat of
power, and they are helping to keep it there."-William E. Dodd,
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The Bell Curve and the Pioneer Fund
(The Bell Curve is the socialogical text that is the source
behind many of the Bush's cabinet appointees ideas on 
African Americans, welfare reform, affirmative action, school
vouchers, voting rights etc. It's author, Charles Murray, is
directly connected to more than half of Bush's cabinet
appointees and advisors)
Pioneer Fund Backs Controversial Study of "Racial Betterment"

Bush Monsanto connection

Bush has controversial bio removed from stores

Masons and US Presidency connection [scroll down to Bush section]
(GW Bush will be sworn in on a masonic bible)

Quotes by Bush, Kissenger etc. on the New World Order

Bush, Hitler, Skull and Bones connection

To access thousands of web sites with detailed information on
the Bush/Nazi connection go to a good search engine such as
http://www.google.com/  and type in Bush AND Nazi.
Likewise if you type in Alcoa AND Nazi or Ford AND Nazi
etc. you'll get thousands of pages of information on these

Other excellent search engines to search for Bush links

Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T.
(Artists1 Response To Illegal State Tactics)
ARTISTpres@aol.com  (718) 743-3722
Lederman articles on the Bush connection to Nazis, eugenics
and drug companies; West Nile Virus expose,  Giuliani,
Manhattan Institute, Eugenics info - more than 50 articles

God Bless America and Impeach GW Bush!

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