Learn to Cut-Paste

1. Put your cursor at the begining of the URL address, and LEFT CLICK holding down, move all the way across it highlighting the text.


2. Once it is all highlighted, let up on the mouse button.

3. Now RIGHT CLICK on the highlighted area, and scroll down the tab to "COPY". Now LEFT CLICK "COPY."

4.That has saved the URL temporary to your PC/mouse.

5. Now scroll down to the Google search engine box below.

6. Put your cursor in the text box and Left Click. You should see your cursor blinking.

7. Now Right Click and scroll to "Paste." Left click will put the URL in the search box.


OK, here you can practice highlighting a URL, COPY, then put your cursor in the search window, and press PASTE. Both COPY/PASTE are RIGHT CLICK items on your mouse.

To cut/paste an Http:Url, you just left click on the url in the address bar. This will highlight it. Then right click and you get your menu, chose "Copy". Now go to where ever you paste to a page, or into the google search engine.

My Favorites

Here I will teach you how to save this picture to your PC files(download it), and then how to place it on the BORN LIBERALs Site in the message area (upload it). We will do this when we are running the MSN messenger. It is fairly easy. Pictures have a URL, except instead of ending in html or htm (Text files), they end in .gif or .jpg (Image Files). Both pages like this one and pictures are just files, but of a different type.

If you put your cursor on a blank part of this page, and then RIGHT CLICK on it, then scroll to "Properties." Click it. A box shows up that has the URL address of the page. Notice it ends in .html. Ok close that.

If you put your cursor on the little girl, and then RIGHT CLICK on it, then scroll to "properties." Click it. The box now shows the address of the picture and it ends in .gif . Either of these address can easily be copy/pasted to use them elsewhere.

If you stick the .gif address into you search engine, it will come up on a blank page just as she is there now. To return, just hit your "Back Button" on your browser.